Book Spotlight: Magnus Opum

by Ashley Adum

When tragedy strikes the life of Magnus Mandalora, a Kertoobi from the homely village of Lower Kertoob, he develops the much feared Grompets—a condition that sparks wanderlust in the hearts of the infected. He sets out from his village in order to right wrongs and see the wonders he’s only ever heard rumors of. Along the way, he makes great friends, overcomes fears, and learns a truly important lesson about appearances.

Jonathan Gould’s world and language are reminiscent of the childhood stories that came before it, like The Hobbit, The Lorax, and The BFG. He’s put together a unique universe and a new epic that younger generations can hopefully carry with them as they grow older. As a plus, its humor, which at times brings to mind Douglas Adams, is entertaining enough for adults to stick with it until the end. Most importantly, like all great children’s novels, the great adventure is a way to teach young minds a meaningful lesson about life.

You can also see more from the author by going to any of these links:

Posted in Children, Spotlight on Sep 24, 2018, by Ashley Adum

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